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Uses of Flush Mount Ceiling Fans and When to use them

Ceiling fans are a very good alternative for anyone whose house does not have air conditioners or trying to cut the cost on that electric bill. Ceiling fans help circulate cool air around your space in the hot summers, and during winters, they help by moving around the warm air near the ceiling in the whole room. Some apartment buildings have certain codes for security reasons that do not allow you to mount a regular fan. In such cases, flush mount fans are your best alternative. Let’s see when to use and some benefits of flush mount ceiling fan.

Flush Mount Ceiling Fans

Do Flush Mount Ceiling fans work? Flush-mount fans take a lot less space than the ceiling down to its blades and thus can fit the security guidelines of many houses and places. A regular mount fan may take up to 10 to 14 inches from the ceiling down to its blades, and with the average height of a ceiling to its floor being 8 to 9 feet, it might violate the guidelines. In this case, a flush mount, which is only 6 to 10 feet in height, is your best alternative. 

When to use Flush Mount Ceiling Fan and how to mount it?

Flush-mount fans are an optimum choice for low ceilings. They are designed to use on flat ceilings. You need to make sure that you have measured your floor to ceiling height properly because there should be a minimum distance of 7 feet between your fan blades and floor. 

  • Ensure that you have correctly measured the distance between your floor and ceiling.
  • Now, check the height or distance between the fan blades and the floor. You can do this by either holding the fan to the ceiling and measuring or check the complete height of your flush mount fan from its manual and factor that into your total ceiling to floor distance.
  • Before you begin mounting, check that your fan has all the parts you need. It often happens that people realize halfway through an installation that they missed out an essential part of them that the manufacturer forgot to send something.
  • While mounting, make sure that the electrical board you-re using for mounting is not plastic. Plastic is a relatively weaker material and would not support the weight of a flush mount ceiling fan. 
  • Once you have hardwired the ceiling fan into the ceiling and mounted it properly by putting all the necessary screws in, gently pull on the appliance base to check if the mounting is done properly and that the base will support the weight of the fan when it is moving. 
  • If your fan model comes with a light kit, make sure you install it after the blades have been fixed in place. The best course of action is to install or assemble the fan on the floor and then lift it and mount it into the ceiling with someone’s help.

Benefits of Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

While there are many advantages of ceiling fan over other cooling modes like the air conditioners, a flush mount ceiling fan has a few more benefits over the standard mount ceiling fan. The benefits of flush mount ceiling fan are as follows,

  • It is allowed to be installed in a wider range of houses and apartments.
  • Fits the security guidelines of most places in terms of the ceiling height.
  • It is a safer option for rooms or spaces with lower ceilings.
  • It is also a good alternative for flat ceilings.
  • Furthermore, it eradicates the risk of someone getting hurt by a low ceiling fan.


Although there are many brands and varieties of ceiling fans available, some of the best ones to buy are Honeywell flush mount ceiling fan, Harbor breeze flush mount fan, and hunter ceiling fans with LED light. 


The flush mount ceiling fans are a great ceiling fan type for houses or rooms with low ceilings, they are also a good option if you are trying to cut on the usage of air conditioners, and they are best for avoiding the security hazard that low ceiling fans pose. Standard mount ceiling fans are suitable for high ceilings or even ceilings with a slant roof. Several brands offer various designs in their flush mount range, and you can easily choose one that fits your budget.

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